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It is getting harder and harder everyday to rise above the crowd and get your message heard, understood, and acted upon. 

Let’s consider great Hollywood film trailers for a moment: those short presentations immediately engage the audience and create a craving for more. They spin a compelling tale to entice the audience not to simply pay attention, but to want to see the whole movie.

In this program, Nabil teaches you how to use these methods to enthral audiences throughout your presentations and to create memorable experiences.  He will inspire you to create dynamic and visually compelling presentations to exponentially increase the emotional impact and retention of the message you wish to convey. 

Discover the secrets of immersive cinematic

and narrative techniques to zero-in on the essence of your message and get the attention it deserves!

Set your message in motion

and Unleash the Extraordinary!

T H E  T R A I L E R  C O D E

Available formats:
  • Keynote address (18 minutes to 1 hour);

  • Workshop (half a day to 1 day).

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