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IN: The Leader's Voice

Sales presentations, project presentations, proposals - internal or external - strategy presentations and formal reports all share one thing in common: they have to captivate the audience to drive results.


With practical tools and insightful examples, the IN approach will turn participants into powerful communicators who will inform, influence and inspire every time they present in front of an audience.


IN Training & Workshops

«  A unique, fresh and innovative approach that can't be matched anywhere else on the market. »



Inspiring scripting and delivery techniques and ressources are thoroughly explored and complemented with group/individual coaching, live practice & exercises with individual presentation training. 


In this highly interactive workshop, participants will also explore 3 key steps to orchestrate eloquence, persuasion and authenticity to unleash the compelling power of their voice in the context of any presentation. 


Some testimonials from Participants...

- Emilie Boisvert, Senior Director, Desjardins

« Useful, dynamic and authentic »


« Pertinent, simple, credible and inspiring »


« Rich, complete and transposable »


« WOW! Magical »


« High-level content »


« Simply extraordinary! »


« A great communicator! »


« Captivates and triggers emotions »


« Extraordinary and captivating »

«  Nabil is THE Voice who showed us THE Way. »

- Christine Morlet, CSP

  President French Speakers Association

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