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The IN Speaker

IN Coaching for Professional Speakers

- Laurent Tylski, Professional Speaker and    

  founding President of the AFCP (Association

  française des conférenciers professionnels –

  French Association of Professional Speakers)

« Despite my 15 years of experience as a speaker, Nabil was able to guide me in developing a focused and targeted speech that ultimately turned into a huge success. Both successful and profitable. »

You’ll exponentially enhance what is unique, what is memorable, and what is unmistakably “you”.


You’ve successfully delivered your keynote a dozen - or a hundred - times. And yet, you’re starting to feel as if something is missing. It needs more impact. It needs a fresh perspective. It needs to increase its emotional power. Tap

into the secrets of a movie trailer director’s expert cinematic approach to re-discover, re-engineer and re-ignite your own keynote and create a lasting impact on your audiences.


Using the techniques of memorable movie trailers… in your keynote! Movies have the unique ability of bringing together words, images and sound to create a compelling emotional experience. Combining skilled screenplay writing to create memorable lines; dynamic camera work to immerse the viewer in the action; powerful soundtrack and music to trigger the right emotions; and masterful direction to bring the story to life. Great cinematography boasts an unsurpassed storytelling technique. Now you can apply these techniques to bring out the essence of your keynote with a unique approach that is used to create compelling, powerful and memorable movie trailers.


Why Nabil? As a movie trailer and television commercial producer and director, Nabil has worked on hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters, pinpointing the key message and capturing the essence of the storyline with words, images and sound. You’ll benefit from Nabil’s 30+ years of experience in the movie trailer business and as a stage professional in

the professional speaking circuit. Nabil will help you re-engineer your keynote and give it the compelling power of a motion picture, ensuring that you strongly connect with your audience when you’re delivering from the stage.


« The gift you gave us is to speak with resonance »

- David Savage, Professional Speaker

- Guy Cabana, Professional Speaker

« You give me one inch of advice and I feel like I advance the length of a football field. Incredible. Thank-you for helping me grow as a speaker and as an individual. »

Are you ready for

A transformative experience?

- Faythe Buchanan, Professional Speaker

« It opened a window in my head»

«I thank my lucky star for Nabil Doss! He has been a catalyst in helping me craft a keynote that totally encapsulates the new messaging I wanted to get across in a way I would never have been able to create myself. Working in a quick, natural and organic way, Nabil helped me see a different perspective and the stunning visuals and audio delivered the sound and vision in a creative and powerful sequence. It’s been exciting and exhilarating to experience this message come to life!» 

-Carol Talbot, NLP Master Trainer – Professional Speaker – Fire-starter

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