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Make your message truly unforgettable by conveying it with

a warm, deep and mesmerizing voice that has been heard in theatres, radio and television commercials, corporate communications and audiobooks. 


Powerful. Warm. Compelling.

« Nabil is the consummate voice artist. His seamless ability to shift among languages and speech patterns while still sounding native is nothing but astonishing, matched by a professionalism known throughout the industry! »

Voice & Trailers

Sam Shwat, 

  The Speech Therapist to the Stars

  President, New York Speech Institute

 - Paul Du Toit, CSPGlobal Author

« When we looked for an authority on voice to enhance the vocal delivery component of our book, we easily agreed it should be Nabil Doss - and fortunately, he agreed too! »

« A voice that is

like music to the ears! »

Lorne Abugov, 

  Founder of

  Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame

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