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Inform, Influence and Inspire like an Expert

Masterclass Program for Experts and Scholars who speak in front of Business Audiences.


You're an expert and there is no question; you know what you're talking about. But when facing a business audience, the challenge lies in your ability to take your expertise and body of knowledge and transform them into a compelling message with the ultimate goal of capturing your audience's imagination to increase your influence.


The Expert's Syndrome creeps up when you have to present an audience with complex ideas while keeping them engaged until the last second... There is so much to say in such a short time! You've spent decades developing a comprehensive expertise and you feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of synthetizing and simplifying for the average layman to grasp, in a few minutes, what took you years to develop...


Fortunately, Nabil's IN Coaching Process can help you achieve the results you want and turn you into an engaging speaker who will Inform, Influence and Inspire audiences time after time. The IN Process is based on a multidimensional approach to create synergy between the two hemispheres of the brain; a subtle balance of stimuli and clarity, to trigger the appropriate reaction to your message everytime you speak... by design, not by chance!


IN Coaching for Experts who Speak and Scholars

Suffering from

The Expert's Syndrome?

1- Distill the content of your data and extract the DNA of your message.


2- Define your target audience's profile and identify the communication axis (What they need to hear from you to act upon what you want them to do next). 


3- Craft a well-balanced presentation which alternates Left and Right Brain cues to create an compelling experience.


4- Work on staging technique and your speech delivery to ensure a seamless, natural flowing presentation that will immerse both yourself and your audience in a memorable experience.

A four-step approach

- Robert Coppenrath, HR Expert,

  President, Coppenrath & Associates

« Nabil has the great capacity of turning the most

complex and abstract ideas into simple

and accessible concepts. »

- Toni Newman, HoF

  Professional Catalyst and

  Hall of Fame Speaker

« Nabil is a professional speaker and consultant who has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of an  issue in a way that is both creative and strategic »

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