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Unleash Your Leader's Voice

IN Coaching for Business Leaders

« Nabil zeroed-in on our Team identity and then coached us to surpass ourselves on the platform. »

- Annie Desautels, Director, Desjardins

« It takes Nabil’s extraordinary talent and creativity to teach other people how to use their own ressources to bring their ideas to life and communicate their thoughts in a clear and powerful fashion. Thank you for guiding me through this exciting journey! »

- Eric Gervais, Executive Vice-President

  Medunik Canada / USA

« Leadership is about communicating an inner vision. The leader therefore needs communication skills to rally a team to reach exceptional results. Nabil will let these skills emerge from your style »

Deploy the greatness of your message in your organisation and your industry, beyond what you thought possible...


Based on your specific profile and personal objectives, the IN Coaching Approach is based on the following process:


• Identify your specific goals and  outcomes.


• Establish your Communicator profile.


• Establish your target audience(s).


• Create, review, or optimize your key    



• Craft the narrative.


• Craft the A/V environment.


• Optimize presentation skills in the  

  delivery of your message (voice,  

  stagecraft, intention, body language).


• Debriefing


- Yvon Bastien, Executive Vice-President

  Chairman of the Board Helix Biopharma Corp. 

  Past President/ CEO Sanofi Aventis Canada

«Through his unique voice delivery approach, using music and identifying true intention behind the words, Nabil helped me visualize my presentation as a journey and deliver it as a story. It's a game-changer.»


- Joe Piazza

  President FMA Summits


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