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Channel your higher self through your message to fully express the greatness of your vision and invite others to contribute with their own greatness to expand that vision to its highest potential.

Successful Leaders are those who can create a story around their vision; a unique story, based on universal archetypes, that galvanizes the whole organization towards a common goal.


In the current context of uncertainty, constant change, and information overflow, one of the greatest challenges Business Leaders are faced with is keeping their management teams, workforce, and business partners focused and aligned with their vision. Given this challenge, developing high-level communications skills is fundamental.


Having a great narrative is essential and it’s a critical starting point. However, in order for it to come to life, to be credible, and for people to embrace it, it needs to be communicated with clarity, emotion and eloquence. The extent of your leadership is directly related to your capacity to successfully communicate your vision around you because true Leaders are those who can Inform, Influence, and Inspire everytime they have an opportunity to communicate... by design; not by chance.


True communication is an incredibly delicate balancing act. It requires great presence while projecting a subtle blend of authority and vulnerability. 


Drawing from movie trailer narrative techniques, creative advertising approaches, business and classic rethorical speechwriting and stage performing techniques, Nabil takes you in his own unique style, on a compelling cinematic journey to unleash the true, the authentic communicator that lies within. 



- Donald Cooper, MBA, CSP, HoF

  International management Speaker      

  and Business Coach

«You have a special way which makes people feel richer and better for your having touched their lives.»

- Paul Du Toit, CSP, CSPGlobal

  Author and Past President,

  Professional Speakers Association South Africa

«A journey of vivid & picturesque imagination.»

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