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True leaders inform, influence, and inspire every time they communicate. This is by design, not chance.


The extent of your leadership is directly related to your capacity to successfully communicate your vision.

Increase your leadership!


The Leader’s Voice Program presents practical tools,

insightful examples and live coaching to

better your communication skills immediately.


  • Learn how to better mobilize your team to achieve your vision using authenticity, integrity, and passion.


  • Explore the 3 key steps that will bring eloquence, persuasion, and impact to any presentation.


  • Learn to communicate more deeply, and change the behaviors and perception of what is possible to those who listen.


Amplify your impact! OR Grow your influence!

Expand your influence!



Available formats:
  • Keynote address (18 minutes to 1 hour);

  • Workshop (half a day to 2 days);

  • Bootcamp (2 to 3 days);

  • Individual coaching for executives;

  • Team coaching for managing teams.

“Leadership is about communicating an inner vision. The leader needs communication skills to rally a team to reach exceptional results. Nabil will let these skills emerge from your style.”

- Yvon Bastien, Executive Vice-President

Chairman of the Board Helix Biopharma Corp.

“A unique, fresh and innovative approach that can't be matched anywhere else on the market.”

- Emilie Boisvert, Senior Director, Desjardins

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